The Company

The Brugnano family

now led of Casearia Crotonese, is dedicated since 1960 to the breeding of ovi-caprini breed selected and enrolled in the genealogical book. The farm, constantly monitored and supported by the veterinarian of the company, counts 3000 sheeps and covers an area of ​​800 hectares of land.

Since 1993 the company has been using the most advanced organic farming techniques that guarantee its flocks a healthy, nutritious and natural diet and a consequent high quality of the products made with their milk.

Since 2000 the company has started to take care of the transformation of the milk of its flocks, making organic cheeses produced according to the most ancient traditional techniques, offering healthy and genuine products. Among the many cheeses offered are the typical Pecorino Crotonese, ricotta, goat’s and a wide selection of cheeses of mixed milk ovi-caprino. Business activity that has been progressing more and more over time, reaching today remarkable results in terms of high genealogy of animals and high quality of milk.

Today the Brugnano company

counts on the presence of about 3000 garments constantly followed and monitored by the respective competent bodies.

Pecorino Crotonese is a unique product, distinguished by the slight scent of sheep’s milk that harmoniously binds with other characteristic smells: hay, ripe field herbs, a slight hint of hazelnut and smoke.
The peculiarity of the breeding system, semi-wild, means that the livestock is fed mainly with wild flora of the area of ​​reference.

The characteristic aromas of Pecorino Crotonese depend on certain components, such as terpens and sesquiterpeni, present in appreciable quantities only in some families of plants, such as Gramineae, Cruciferous, Umbelliferae, composite and others assumed during grazing by sheep.