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The PDO Pecorino Crotonese, our Nobile Crotones, produced a few kilometers near the city from which it takes its name, is a precious cheese, produced only in the area of ​​Crotone, according to ancient traditional techniques, handed down to the present day.

Legend has it that this ancient cheese was offered, along with homemade bread and wine, to a friar named Francesco, who would later become San Francesco di Paola. For this reason, the pecorino is also called “the holy cheese”.

The unique and unmistakable taste of Pecorino Crotonese is given by the organoleptic properties of the lands whete it belongs. It is the plain of the Ionian coast and hinterland, places where nature provides an unique aromas and essences to land and grass, which can not be acquired anywhere else. These essences enrich the milk with strong and decisive aromas that give the genuine, precious and unmistakable taste of the product.



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We don’t use synthetic chemicals, such as fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides to fertilize our terrain and to combat infestations. We take advantage of the natural fertility of our lands, respecting the natural balance in the production of our cheeses. We respect the environment, our land, water and air, the health of farmers, animals and consumers through the use of organic products for plant growth and crop rotation. Maximum attention to the protection of natural systems and cycles and to animal welfare.