Casearia Crotonese


The Brugnano family now led of Casearia Crotonese, is dedicated since 1960 to the breeding of ovi-caprini breed selected and enrolled in the genealogical book. The farm, constantly monitored and supported by the veterinarian of the company, counts 3000 sheeps and covers an area of ​​800 hectares of land.

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Pecorino Crotonese DOP Bio

The Crotone tradition of Pecorino PDO meets the organic.

Pecorino Crotonese DOP

The taste of the Crotonese marquisate in our Pecorino Crotonese PDO

Pecorino Bio


We do not add anything more than what nature gives us.

Pecorino with peperoncino

We indulge ourselves with the fillings, to savor Calabria at every bite.


Semi-cooked cheese of ancient tradition
it weighs about 2 kg, obtained from the coagulation of rennet sheep’s milk, the “Pecorino Crotonese” certainly draws its origins from the ancient Magna Graecia, in fact already Omero in IX Book of the Odissea -VII sec. a.c.- (In Polyphemus’ Cave) gives a detailed description of sheep breeding and how sheep’s milk was turned into cheese.

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